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AirCapital Aviation Services provides commercial aviation advisory and aircraft management services to corporate and institutional investors and to the commercial aircraft finance and leasing industry.

AirCapital's advisory service enables clients to understand the true value of aircraft and helps maximize asset profitability while minimizing losses from asset and credit deterioration.

AirCapital's management services provide our clients with the expertise to make informed decisions regarding lease/loan commitments and restructurings, lessee/borrower bankruptcies, development and implementation of strategies to protect asset value, aircraft inspections and records audits, physical management of repossession, storage and other matters related to taking an aircraft back from a lessee, assessment of maintenance requirements necessary for aircraft placements, and redeployment of an aircraft via sale or lease to another party.

AirCapital also provides investment advisory services to private and institutional investors, who make investments in commercial aviation related vehicles such as EETC certificates, pass-through certificates, aircraft secured loans and aircraft lease transactions.


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